Friday September 25th, 2020


User ID

Phase Two of the elevation of the NPAP database to HIPPA compliance will entail the elevation of the security of your passwords with encryption to avoid capture by a third party.
This will require the deletion of all current passwords and the selection of a new password by every user.

This will take place on Tuesday, September 22.

Your old password used to access the database will no longer be valid. All passwords will be reset to a temporary password which was sent to you by email on September 16 at about 5 pm with the subject of "Database Password Update on Tuesday, September 22!" For security reasons the temporary password can not be presented here.
Please refer to the email to find the text of the temporary password.

Follow these steps to enter a new password.
1) Use your current user ID and the temporary password to login.
2) You will immediately be asked to create a new password.
Use the temporary password not your previous personal password.
3) Create and enter a new password and make a record for your personal use.
It must be between 8 and 36 characters long. It must include one or more upper case letters, and one or more lower case letters,
and one or more numbers or special characters such as punctuation marks or characters like $#@%&{}() etc., and no spaces

Some examples include: NPAP@13st, Imoved2NYC, DoIliveinBKLYN?, IjoinedNPAP!, and even &(x)45Aa.